Day 226

226 - People Come Into

“People come into your life for a reason; the negative people usually are there to teach you what you don’t want to become, treat you how you don’t want to be treated, and to show you what you don’t deserve. Embrace them, let them teach you, and then let them go.” – Unknown

Day 224

224 - Learn to Make the Most

“Learn to make the most of life: lose no happy day – time can never bring back what was swept away; leave no tender war unsaid; stay happy while life lasts; live your life the way you drink your coffee – sipping it slowly, enjoying the flavor and the aroma, drinking it to the last drop. Take life easy and be happy.” – Unknown

Day 223

223 - Nobody is Perfect

“Nobody is perfect and nobody deserves to be perfect. Nobody has it easy, everybody has issues. You never know what people are going through.
So pause before you start judging, criticizing or mocking others.
Everybody is fighting their own unique war.”
– Unknown